Creating your own hooksΒΆ

It is easy to create your own hooks to extend formate. A basic hook looks like this:

def make_upper(source: str) -> str:
    Make all the source uppercase.

    :param source: The source to reformat.

    :return: The reformatted source.

    return source.upper()

An entry point must be configured for the hook. For setuptools:

formate_hooks =
    make_upper=<import path>:make_upper

or in pyproject.toml with PEP 621:

make_upper = "<import path>:make_upper"

Hooks may also accept positional and/or keyword arguments, either named or with *args and **kwargs:

def change_case(source: str, upper: bool = True) -> str:
    Change the case of the source.

    :param source: The source to reformat.
    :param upper: Makes the source uppercase.

    :return: The reformatted source.

    if upper:
        return source.upper()
        return source.lower()

Some hooks may require access the the global configuration dict (the [config] table in formate.toml). Hooks can request this by using the @formate.config.wants_global_config decorator, which provides the configuration as the formate_global_config keyword argument:

def change_indents(
        source: str,
        formate_global_config: Optional[Mapping] = None,
        ) -> str:
    Change the indents of the source.

    :param source: The source to reformat.
    :param formate_global_config: The global configuration dictionary. Optional.

    :return: The reformatted source.

    if formate_global_config is None:
        formate_global_config = {}

    indent = formate_global_config.get("indent", '\t')

    return re.sub("(    |\t)", indent, source)

Similarly, some hooks may want to know which filename is being reformatted. They can request this using the @formate.config.wants_filename decorator (new in version 0.2.0), which provides the configuration as the formate_filename keyword argument:

def lint_stubs(source: str, formate_filename: PathLike) -> str:
    Lint Python stub files.

    :param source: The source to check.
    :param formate_filename: The name of the source file,
        to ensure this hook only runs on type stubs.

    :return: The reformatted source.

    if os.path.splitext(formate_filename)[1] != ".pyi":
        return source


    return reformatted_source

See repo-helper/formate-black for an example extension.